keeping up with resolutions

goal setting, to-do lists, planners and journals – all of us keep chasing goals and ideas we want to achieve. Why? The answer is simple: Improvement. But on certain days we get overwhelmed and unmotivated which is not really special or rare. We all reflect on our progress and maybe even track it with lists and graphs.

My “New Years Resolutions” this year consist of reading more books, to not fall behind with uni work and keeping my workout routine. Well, I actually try to read more books for my pleasure and uni work is also not too heavy at the moment but i totally lost track of my workout routine (which is climbing once a week, not that gym stuff). And I try not to blame myself – that does not change the fact that resolutions and goals sometimes make us feel bad about ourselves. So I decided to tell all of you:

not achieving your goals is fine and you should take more time to tackle the challenge!

How do you keep working on your attitude towards your goals? And do you have any tricks on how to stay motivated?

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Mindset in Blogging – a rose post 🌹

since my blog is titled rants&roses i now want to introduce my “rose posts”

this is my first post of a new series called rose posts where i write down thoughts which seem to spin around in my mind for awhile.

writing spontaneously has a lot of positive sides, i can just spill down a waterfall of words without trying to do a perfect job. I feel like blogging has to be perfect, so you see the best of me and so that i can give you my best advice (honestly most of my posts are just like that). But this should not be a rant about blogging or the community. Creating is all about mindset, if the only ambition on your mind is clicks or likes that is probably unhealthy. Blogging should be about creativity and expressing oneself. That’s why I came in here, not to make money or get attention. This has been on my mind for a couple of weeks which is why there has been a lack of posts and motivation. But I remembered that mindset is the key and i started writing to lift my spirits and maybe be quiet helpful which sharing my knowledge and experiences.

A rose post should be positive and soothing to read and it should create the feeling of comfort. If you like the idea cool and if you don’t that’s fine too. 🌹✨

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Everyday is Earth Day

this Sunday is the so-called “earth day” where various ngo’s and otheres want to drive our attention to our planet.

we seem to forget that earth is the only planet our species is able to live on.

everyone of us is responsible for our future.

Some Facts

  • climate change is real and natural but the increase in it is dangerous
  • water is a human right and in some countries (even the USA) not everyone has access to clean drinking water
  • the amount of CO2 in the air is damaging to us
  • the oceans are full of plastic
  • a lot of animal species are endangered (even giraffes)
  • the rainforest size is shrinking massively

“We have got one planet – one chance” – Tim Mcilrath

But now you will ask yourself: What can I do stop this?

  • First of all educate yourself! Read about environmental issues and what is causing the most damage (surprise it’s the meat industry).
  • Try to recycle and create less waste. It’s easy – take a bag to the grocery store instead of buying a plastic one (In the EU you have to pay for plastic bags in most countries).
  • Try to be aware of yourself and your habits, try to notice unnecessary plastic
  • Get involved in a local ngo which informs about environmental issues. If you are interested you can check out these NGOs:

Greenpeace – generally fighting for the environment and are involved in politics

Viva Con Agua – fighting to make drinking water available for everyone

  • check out your local organisations and try to shop more ecological ✨

My sources:

my brain & various movies, flyers and websites (message me if you want to know all of these)

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5 Things they don’t tell you about Uni

uni life is great don’t get me wrong but there are a lot of issues nobody ever talks about. Therefore here are 5 Things which are not talked about enough before you start your studies.

  1. Organisational Flaws

everyone tells you to be organised by yourself which is cool and quiet easy if you get used to it (find more on my older post). But that does not help you at all if your uni is unorganised and the professors themselves don’t even know what’s happening. Many curricular changes every now and then, too many students compared to seminars, etc.

2. Mess of information

In the beginning you will get overwhelmed with all the info you will get. A map of the campus? Fine. Ten Flyers for extra activities? Alright. Free Condoms? Cool! Another bag of sponsored trash? annoying….

3. So many E-Mails

In my first week I had to write at least three E-Mails to different people all concerning my timetable. Even during the semester you will have to write many of them for presentations, assignments and organisation issues. So be prepared to actually use your E-Mail App for the first time regularly.

4. Unwritten Rules

Also every Uni apparently has some secret rules everyone seems to know about but you. For examples writing mails to an English professor in your native language (I study English as my second language btw)? A No-Go 🙅‍♀️ And there will be many more which you will notice during your time on campus.

5. The Library

A magical place which stores all the info you need and even has work spaces! Amazing! But some students tend to somehow ‘live’ there when exam season starts, which will make it hard to find a study spot. There will also be guided tours which you should definitely attend if you have the possibility!

To conclude: No Uni is perfect and you will have to struggle sometimes no matter how organised you are but in the end if you have found the right subject everything will be worth it ✨

If you are interested you can check out my study tips here

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How To: Do a Selfcare Day

sometimes everyone (this includes students, every gender, parents, grandparents,…) needs a day off. To relax, to calm down or to stay focussed on the good things happening around ourselves.

Make sure that you do not get stressed out by planning too much of your selfcare day and only do activities that certainly bring joy to YOU.

My Checklist:

  • Get enough rest – sleep in or get up early whatever you feel comfortable with
  • Take a shower or a bath – feel clean and refreshed
  • Do a face mask – pros: you smell amazing and it’s great for skin care, cons: none literally (you can even make masks yourself!)
  • listen to your favourite music, podcast or soundtrack
  • text your loved ones a short & cute message
  • watch your favourite childhood movie
  • turn off your phone (if possible) – only focus on yourself right in the moment
  • get some *Gordon Ramsay voice* good fucking food (whatever you prefer: take-out vs homemade)
  • journal, write to reflect on your actions and thoughts ✨

This is what I personally love to do when i need to have time for myself 💕 If you have more ideas and suggestions please leave them in the comments below, i would love to hear about your selfcare day activities!

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