Everyday is Earth Day

this Sunday is the so-called “earth day” where various ngo’s and otheres want to drive our attention to our planet.

we seem to forget that earth is the only planet our species is able to live on.

everyone of us is responsible for our future.

Some Facts

  • climate change is real and natural but the increase in it is dangerous
  • water is a human right and in some countries (even the USA) not everyone has access to clean drinking water
  • the amount of CO2 in the air is damaging to us
  • the oceans are full of plastic
  • a lot of animal species are endangered (even giraffes)
  • the rainforest size is shrinking massively

“We have got one planet – one chance” – Tim Mcilrath

But now you will ask yourself: What can I do stop this?

  • First of all educate yourself! Read about environmental issues and what is causing the most damage (surprise it’s the meat industry).
  • Try to recycle and create less waste. It’s easy – take a bag to the grocery store instead of buying a plastic one (In the EU you have to pay for plastic bags in most countries).
  • Try to be aware of yourself and your habits, try to notice unnecessary plastic
  • Get involved in a local ngo which informs about environmental issues. If you are interested you can check out these NGOs:

Greenpeace – generally fighting for the environment and are involved in politics

Viva Con Agua – fighting to make drinking water available for everyone

  • check out your local organisations and try to shop more ecological ✨

My sources:

my brain & various movies, flyers and websites (message me if you want to know all of these)

check out my instagram and my previous post ✨


4 thoughts on “Everyday is Earth Day

  1. Thanks for sharing! It’s so refreshing to see posts on the environment/ climate change as there’s a general apathy towards it especially in the west. It’s so important to remember that our individual choices have consequences on the environment. I like how you mentioned getting involved in your local ngo because changes to the way we treat the environment needs to be made on both an individual and structural level! x

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