☁️ stepping out of your comfort zone ☁️

the fear of being made fun of or not taken seriously while acting on new opportunities or interest is omnipresent, here is how I overcame most of them.

recently my mind was wandering, thinking about all the things I wanted to do but I never did because I was afraid. I was afraid about what other people would think, I was afraid about being judged and I was afraid about being too weird. Considering that I have been called weird and strange after doing what I actually wanted to do a few times, it is hard for me to act on my visions.

Changing my hair colour?!

One of them was dying my hair. I once dyed my hair in eighth grade and got many comments on it (it was not the prettiest look but honestly rude comments have been unnecessary). So naturally I was afraid to be judged again even though I now desired a different colour, still have a completely different haircut and even do not look much like me in eighth grade anymore. It took some time and many supportive words of my boyfriend to make my vision come true. End of the story I got it dyed and I look good!!


That’s one thing I have achieved while putting myself first for once. Starting this blog was another step, I was afraid again that people from real life would throw mean comments at me or just start to backbite about what I was putting out in the world. Nevertheless I did start this blog and kept writing and it feels great. What even could go wrong? My writing skills are alright, I told myself and the thought processes before I upload anything anywhere will take place anyways (I overthink for like a year before I put any content out on the internet – well because it never forgets, right?). Also I only received nice words from people at uni and old friends, I am happy with my decision and stepping out of my comfort zone!!

A new project?!

Right now there have been other creative steps rushing through my brain. And again I have to battle my comfort zone and fear of being judged. If I am comfortable with sharing my new creative process you will find it here on my blog (hint: it has to do with using a camera).

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