December Times

every year it’s here: December! Suddenly everyone is going crazy and starts reflecting on their achievements and stresses about buying the perfect Christmas presents. You can’t even catch a break of that feeling online since every user shows off how much they have changed this year and will guide you through their busy present shopping.

But not everything is tense.

Self-reflection always play a big part because a new year will start soon. People reflect on what they did right, what they have learned and maybe also on what they wish had never happened. I agree that self-reflection is a good method to improve and even address change but why do many of us practice reflection in December only? Maybe it’s already too late to adapt to new opportunities or to act on mistakes one might have made. This is what all of us could change in 2019: reflect on our actions shortly after we have done something. For example: You got drunk and told someone that they have hurt you and then accidentally knock yourself unconscious? Maybe it’s time to rethink your behaviour and if getting knocked out is really the right solution to life. But well since there is no new year approaching and “new year – new me” is not happening yet, why bother?

Making people happy by getting a cool present for them always creates a feeling of genuine happiness inside my soul. Even when I did not spent a lot of money on it, like buying a coffee for a tired friend or bringing snacks for them with you. Gift-giving can be an amazing love language if the goal is to make your receiver feel appreciated and loved. Nevertheless in the merry holiday season suddenly many folks decide that it is the time where stuff like “secret santa” just has to be done. I myself wonder sometimes if those people are into giving only when they too receive something?

Maybe I’m too critical sometimes. Maybe I’m just noticing how different everyone acts when winter is here. What do you think about December Times?

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