The Gift of Friendship (it’s a personal post)

this post is for the people which i am very grateful for and I feel like I need to tell them how much they mean to me.

I am not a very direct person which means I don’t tell my friends how much i love them very often, I express my love and admiration for them differently. I listen, I help and I care. This year I tried to thank them more often for being there for me and for being part of my life. Sometimes I felt left alone somehow and that has guided me to learning that every single human being expresses their love and feeling of friendship in a very different way.

This year a lot of things happened and change has been a constant occurrence. We all grow and we all did experience unpleasant times in which advice and general support of our friends were needed. For me I am grateful that I can seek my friends any time and anywhere if I need someone to talk to or just to rant.

Additionally communication seems to be difficult sometimes. Texting is not easy for me because I tend to type fast and not really reflect before typing, also I enjoy face-to-face communication much more. It’s easier for me to sense and understand my friends’ feelings if they are directly in front of me (some of them call me an empath btw). That’s why appreciate when my friends make time to see even though life is busy. I deeply enjoyed many spontaneous meet-ups this year where we just hung out and chatted about what was going on in our lifes.

A few of my favourite moments with my favourite people this year:

– our May Party, we all had such a good time

– when we were at the campsite before our youth groups arrived

– the bbq’s at our oldest friend’s house!!

– my birthday at the lake with my best friend

– a sleepover after years of not having one

– every monday walking around at night

– pokémon go sessions

– every deep talk that accidentally happened

– when we went to the club and we all were tired af

– sitting outside together in summer and just having a relaxed time

I just wanted to say thank you!! Thank you for everyone reading this and thank you for supporting me ✨

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