bye 2018 and hello 2019

it’s a new year which means my blog is already turning one year old (yay). Generally speaking I really enjoy setting goals but this year for me won’t be much about achieving but more about figuring out the goals I really want to anticipate, whatever that means for now.

In 2018 a lot of cool events happened and well in this post I wanted to tell you about 18 things I enjoyed last year!!

  • meditating

i really enjoy checking in with how i’m feeling and actively noticing the world around me, using headspace i got into the habit but since I can’t afford a subscription I just do it by myself or with youtube videos at the moment

  • short trips to the beach with my boyfriend
  • campfire evenings with the gang   img_0172


  • writing this blog

after a year of writing a few posts every month i really came to enjoy expressing myself online and sharing my thoughts does not make me uncomfortable anymore

  • taking photos

still no photographer but well it’s fun.

  • levelling up my communication skills

talking helps a lot, i really noticed that in 2018.

  • painting on canvas
  • journaling
  • trying recipes off Pinterest

here a some of my favourites: Bruschetta Noodle Salat & Veggie Quesadillas

  • concerts
  • watching youtube videos

my favourite YouTubers last year definitely were Ally (i just love her??), neonfiona and Harmony , definitely check them out if you like self care and lgbtq stuff ✨

  • studio ghibli movies

always enjoying a calm evening watching spirited away or my neighbour totoro.

  • reading cute books

my favourites of last year were Radio Silence by Alice Oseman and The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Manson.

  • practising self care
  • reducing my plastic use

conscious shopping should just be more present on our minds since well the earth has about 13 years left before climate change hits. (find a post about my tips for you here)

  • using a planner
  • buying vinyls
  • doing yoga

yoga really fits into my routine and i really need to strengthen my back and shoulders which works pretty good with yoga, at the moment i practice at home but i’m planning on starting yoga classes this year (go me!!)

☁️ What did you enjoy most in 2018? ☁️

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