☁️ how to deal with anxiety ☁️

that feeling when you’re stressed out about everything happening at once: your roommate listening to music way too loud, there are three essays left to finish, your laundry is not done yet and suddenly an unknown number calls you: ANXIETY KICKS IN.

Recently I felt really squishy and overwhelmed and could not really find a way to get out of my uncomfortable mindset, so I created this list to help you (and me) to find new focus when we need some escape of our feelings and surroundings. Everyone deals with anxiety differently and it kicks in individual situations, this is how I experience to calm down after everything got a bit too much.

  • get comfortable!

grab some warm socks, a big blanket or a general heating source (this includes pets and humans too). If you are in public try to find a place to sit down at first.

  • focus on your breathing

try to have a calm and steady rhythm of breath. Breath in for about five seconds and breath out for three. Maybe try to sync your breathing to the gif sets I found online:

credit to: http://adamthegirl.tumblr.com/

  • comfort food and drinks!

For inner warmth and a general good feeling, staying hydrated and full is always a good idea. Classic comfort food can be for example Mac’n’Cheese, chocolate or Noodle Soup. Ideal comfort drinks are: lavender or chamomile tea and hot chocolate.

  • talk to somebody about your feelings

text a friend, call your partner or your mom or try to visit an online chatroom (here is an article on why it can help to chat online) which was quiet helpful when I needed reassurance that really everything is going to be okay.

  • distract yourself for a while

this can work either with watching your favourite movie or tv series, reading your favourite childhood book or drawing in mandala. For me playing some Animal Crossing always helps, others recommend listening to audiobooks.

  • don’t scratch or itch your skin

on tumblr I read that peel-off face masks can help to stop the urge from picking your skin which is a common coping mechanism to escape anxious thoughts. So maybe you should give it a try.

  • calm music

those lofi/hiphop beat mixes on YouTube always calm me down, there are many different one which for example include video game or movie melodies. While writing this I chose to listen to this radio.

Q: How do you cope with anxious feelings? Do you have any other tips and ideas?

*Disclaimer: I’m no professional and this are just my personal tips to calm down, but if you still don’t feel quiet alright or you feel like anxiety is taking over you should definitely seek out and get professional medical help.

Some information on Generalised Anxiety Disorder by the NHS: here

Check out this website by the Mental Health Foundation to get an overview of how to get support.


instagram / facebook / contact: sickocean(at)women-at-work.org



4 thoughts on “☁️ how to deal with anxiety ☁️

  1. Nice “breathing” gif. I’ve not seen that before, but it’s a useful visual. I like your tips for attending to yourself when feeling anxious. Thanks for sharing them.

    Liked by 2 people

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