why you should speak up for yourself

“why did you do this?”

“do you think you have thought this through?”

“i think you move on too fast”

“i liked your other idea better”

all of the questions are being asked when you have made a decision you have been thinking about for an endless amount of time. other people can not stop lurking into your business and questioning your ideals and keep passing on your new path via texts to their friends and families. then it’s probably time to speak up for yourself.

Knowing that you have worked out your new plan and considered all the things that could go wrong, people not believing in you hurts. For me asking the questions above if you have not been part of my journey is rude and makes me feel like you don’t trust my decisions. Maybe it’s a personal thing.

Raising your voice to stand up for what you believe in is not always the easiest step to take, it gets even harder when it directly involves your own feelings. Towards some people there is not even a need to actually justify your new path, your new career or your new partner – they don’t need to know everything that has been going on in your life – nevertheless speaking up for yourself is necessary in some cases. It’s necessary when your boss asks why you are leaving, it’s necessary when a close friend is genuinely worried or if your partner takes a big role in your new planned future. Those are times when you have to take action:

” Don’t worry I have thought everything through over and over again for a long time”

“I don’t feel right going in the old direction anymore”

“right now change is what I need and I checked out all the possible ways I can do better”

above are classical phrases my friends have probably heard me say at least once in the time we have known each other. Furthermore you have to make sure that you can explain your situation a bit more detailed to make sure they get why you are requiring change, it’s not like you have to tell every situation which sucked – just paint them a picture. And remember not everyone will support you and not everyone will agree with you but that’s how life is. But knowing that you spoke up for yourself will make every day easier. You will know who supports you even when change is unavoidable and you will be sure who to talk to when you’re planning out another new direction in which your life is heading.


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