Testing the Headspace App for a week

Mindfulness and Meditation is one of the latest trends all around the world and I decided to give it a try using an App called Headspace!

Being interested in meditation for quiet a few time made it easy for me to get into the right mindset. I’ve tried other Apps and methods concerning mindfulness before, that is why I now chose to use Headspace. Mindfulness is being aware of what is happening in the moment and giving your thoughts a rest. By using breathing techniques and other methods one can practise to have a time during the day to stop focussing on stress situations, general problems or just life.

First Impression

First the App looks very cute with cartoon graphics and an orange colour scheme. At the Beginning they ask if there is already experience with mediation and why you want to try it. I chose to click that I had “a little” experience and just wanted to try it out. My timer for the length of my sessions was set at 10 minutes.

Starting the Basic Sessions

Day 1

Starting to find a comfortable position with a straight back and watching a cute animation about the purpose of mediation. The voice which guides the session sounds male and appealing.

Day 2

It begins with a reference to the first session and keeps focussing on breathing techniques and slowly introduces the bodyscan which is focussing on how the body is feeling in the exact moment. Additionally the male voice is assuring and motivates you to keep on practicing.

Day 3

Another cute animation showing how to stay focused during the sessions. Getting deeper into the bodyscan and I honestly felt relaxed after the session.

Day 4

Sadly I was not able to concentrate a lot on this session because my environment was loud and busy (but of course I tried my best). This session also talks about how to notice the changes happening around oneself.

Day 5

I was feeling very calm and focussed after this session of meditation. Loved that the guiding voice was talking less and left me alone while i was practicing of not keeping focus on everything happening in my brain at once.

Day 6

This time I tried to lay in bed while meditating. It was refreshing and the guiding voice this time helped to give myself even more space. The topic was focussing on being aware of what is happening in the body and how one is emotionally feeling.

Day 7

The last day has arrived!! My last session started with another cute and helpful animation which gives advice on how to watch your thoughts from afar. After that the guiding voice focusses on a few aspects of the animation which is cool because it makes it even easier to visualise.


After a week of almost daily meditation the impact on myself is at least a bit noticeable. The few minutes of the day just focussing on nothing almost felt great and I would absolutely recommend the Headspace App because of its’ beginner lessons and cute animations (I loved them!!).

Get the App in your App Store (if you want to). Check out their website here 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏽‍♂️

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the Headspace App or any of its’ creators etc. All opinions stated are my own.

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