Review: Radio Silence – Alice Oseman 🌹✨

A book inculding diversity? representation of various sexualities? a woc as the protagonist?

Yes! All of this can be found in the novel Radio Silence by Alice Oseman!

“What is the book even about?”

Okay let me explain the general setting and content first. The story is set in England in a small town and our protagonist is a girl just finishing High School. She is living with her single mother and is a bit of a nerd tbh (i love her). Adding to that she is a massive fangirl of a podcast called Universe City which she even draws fanart for, and one day she randomly meets the creator. No spoilers but the book represents friendship and romance how it really is. It also represents different sexual orientations which can not be found in the usual young adult fiction category.

“I understand but what makes this novel so special?”

It is for once the accurate description of social media use and not some person recreating teen language. As on the other side the relatable struggle of the big what if question haunting everyone making big decisions about their future. Personally I also loved the progression of friendships and the ups and downs of it as well.

Radio Silence is highly recommended by me and I would rate it as a 9/10.

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Disclaimer: this is my personal perception of the book and i am not affiliated with the author