Rant: Pitch Perfect 3 (spoilerfree)

Did there have to be a third part of a franchise which would have perfectly ended?

We remember the second part of the “Pitch Perfect” franchise ended with the Bellas (a college acappella group) finishing their studies and ending their careers as singers on a big stage in Denmark. The main characters wonder about how their lives will go on after college and share their expectations and wishes with each other. For me, this was a great ending, perfectly portraying what the end of college probably felt like.

Then Part 3 happened, and nothing made sense anymore.

One of a few weird changes: Fat Amy which spent the whole second part getting it on with Bumper and getting engaged with him, suddenly is single and lives together with Becca (who is now single as well??). Therefore all the boys/men from part 1 and 2 are not included in the new movie which seems a bit off the plot.

During Part 3 the Bellas reunite and sing. One problem: only one of their songs was an actual remix. This was honestly very disappointing since nearly all of their old songs were mash-ups.

Not wanting to get too deep into the action of the third part, I can guarantee that many of the events make logically no sense at all. It still is a comedy movie which contains some good laughs but it’s nothing more than that.

If I had to rate this movie out of 10 I would give it a 4.