How I stay Organised

Sometimes life can get very stressful and there does not seem to be any structure left. To avoid getting lost in the mess we call life, here are some tips and tricks on how to stay organised and keep an overview over deadlines, appointments and chores.

Disclaimer: This tips work for me personally and I am not in the position to guarantee that all of them might work for you too.

1.) Keeping a portable calendar/ journal

This helped me having a general overview of deadlines. I mark them with highlighters: different colours for different occasions.

2.) Creating routines

Sounds annoying but it’s actually pretty helpful. Start easy by just creating an outfit for the next day or packing your bag with all the essentials you need for work, uni, school or whatever your plans are. This saves time for getting ready, eating or for self care in the morning.

3.) Clean your social media

We all spent a lot of time online so we are easily getting lost in the online spheres of social media. By cleaning out is meant that you kind of check your feed and unfollow, unfriend etc. people/pages which you do not actually care about. A youtuber (@neonfiona) which i adore made a wonderful video about it (find it here).

4.) Goal Setting

Again it makes life a bit less messy if you start making to-do lists. Only write down achievable goals like putting on new bedsheets or messaging a friend instead of goals which need a lot of time and energy to be achieved. Keep an eye on the minimal aims and do not get overwhelmed by writing pages on your list instead of actually getting things done. As an extra you will feel accomplished and happy if you are able to tick the box 😄

5.) Take time for yourself

Taking time off for self care is mandatory in this stressful world. So remind yourself to relax and do things you enjoy.

Advanced tip 🤯

6.) Plan your week ahead

This is an idea for lazy Sundays. Get your planner, check your appointments and write them down to stay on track.

If there is more time you can think about what to cook, which groceries you have to buy etc.

I hope those tricks created a basic understanding on how I keep myself organised. If you have more tips please write them in the comment section ✨

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How to: Survive Your A-Levels

Since it’s this time of the year again where all students are stressed out about exams, here are some ideas on how to survive the roughest time of the year!

I did finish school last year and hope this tips can and will help you to get your work done.


  • start revising soon enough!
  • set learning goals
  • don’t get too stuck in school work
  • take aside time for yourself
  • take notes
  • clean your desk
  • drink enough while revising
  • talk about the subjects which confuse you
  • ask for help!
  • try to create a study group to share your ideas
  • be proud of what you’ve done so far
  • don’t compare yourself to others, everyone has a different learning speed

Apps to help you focus

Additionally i use a few apps to keep track of my learning achievements!

One of the Apps is called “forest” and it’s amazing to visualise the time you spent working. When you open the app you will see a green tree and a time tracker. Then you can adjust the time you plan on revising (I usually prefer 30-45minutes sessions). After that a tree will start to grow and after the time is up, it will be added to your garden which in the end shows you how much time you used for studying. Another cool feature is that if you don’t need your phone for writing you can set the app to “kill” your tree if you start procrastinating. You can find the App here: Forest

Another App i love is “plant nanny” which helps you to stay hydrated! You choose a plant and every time you drink something you give the plant water too which helps it to grow. This is very practical in case of studying because you need to be refreshed to achieve your learning goals! You can find this App here: Plant Nanny

If you have further tips and tricks share them in the comments and if you’re interested in reading more posts by Rants&Roses you should check out my instagram page