why i love journaling!

after a long and busy day I always liked to grab a pen and spill my thoughts on to paper. Just writing pages and pages about what has been going on or what was bothering me. When I was younger I used to start my diary entries like this: “Dear Diary…” which is kind of cute but also wildly unnecessary (every girl on tv did it like that though). Nowadays I will just start writing.

My favourite method of writing is just literally writing down what is on my mind. No fancy sentences, no connotations and no shame. I am clearing my mind by putting my wandering mind to rest by focussing on what I need to let go off. Sometimes it’s just stuff like “oh I missed the train today that sucks”, other times my entries consist of more complex issues. But you can focus on whatever you want when you get out your preferred medium to write in. Some other methods include using so-called journal prompts. Those are used to for example answer a specific question, focus on a certain area of your life and reflect on them. I used to find very good ones on tumblr and pinterest by just searching for “journal prompts

making your space cosy for journaling is a good idea

Personally I enjoy physical diaries which have thick pages and lines on them. I purchased mine at a local TK Maxx! But you can find journals everywhere. Some friends of mine prefer digital diaries which you can find plenty of on the App Store. Also if you like physical writing maybe grab a cool pen which is especially for writing into your diary, it makes a difference I swear.


Why do I journal?

  • calming down by focussing on the physical sensation of writing


  • being mindful about what happened in a specific timespan


  • doing some good old self reflection


  • focus on positive aspects of my life, like what I am grateful for at the moment


  • manifestation (here is a good video about it by the lovely Lavendaire)


  • to-do lists to stay on track


  • to not be on my phone or use social media


  • empty my loud thoughts


Journaling and Self Care

By making time for yourself in your busy schedule you can get to know yourself better which I guess is always a good idea. Regarding self care it’s important to not stress about writing in your journal every day. It’s essential to not make it an obligatory task. Another crucial act of self care is self reflection to know if you acted in the right way in certain situations. If you didn’t you will notice and be better when the next circumstance appears.

Overall journaling is a great experience and method to stay in touch with your feelings and your mind.

☁️ Q: Do you journal? And if so do you have any other tips you would like to share? ☁️

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why small changes matter

one step at a time is a simple statement which sounds easy to act upon but in reality that’s not always possible. We always try to improve ourselves and move forward, even when life feels stagnant we try to keep moving. Being stuck in a routine feels good to me, knowing when to do what and having enough freetime to mix something up. Routines can be helpful for living organised and if you’re stuck in a rut they will help you to get back on track on doing simple tasks which might have felt impossible to do before.

But regardless of creating and following your own routine small changes can make big differences. Getting up in the morning is hard for sleepy heads like me, so simply changing up my morning habits has brought me a long way in the last month. After getting up I usually just went and got breakfast but in the last month I decided that washing my face and drinking some water should happen beforehand. And it worked, the cold water on my face helped to start the day with feeling less like I had been forced to leave sleep-town but like I left voluntarily.

morning teas
morning teas

Another time in which I noticed how small changes can impact us in every quarter of our life is when I put working out onto my list of things again. Being sporty since I was a kid I got out of habit when uni took over and I did not have my beloved routine anymore. So signing up at my local gym helped me to feel better about myself, in cases if being fit again and feeling good about my body (which I thank the Gods, never really had issues with anyways). But honestly the simple step of putting running, yoga and other bodymoving activities into your life can brighten your mood somehow. It works for me at least.

Self Care wise I could advise to do a small thing for yourself daily. Something simple like drinking your favourite sort of tea or watching an episode of your favourite tv series. Those activities might seem small and not really important but in the long run you will notice that taking time for yourself and being mindful about your body and your emotions can improve how you feel. Putting your feelings into words might also be helpful method of noticing your improvements and putting the focus onto small things (if you’re interested in how i track that kind of stuff, i might write a post about it soon 😉).


writing down your thoughts can help

✨☁️ How do you make small changes? ☁️✨

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why you should speak up for yourself

“why did you do this?”

“do you think you have thought this through?”

“i think you move on too fast”

“i liked your other idea better”

all of the questions are being asked when you have made a decision you have been thinking about for an endless amount of time. other people can not stop lurking into your business and questioning your ideals and keep passing on your new path via texts to their friends and families. then it’s probably time to speak up for yourself.

Knowing that you have worked out your new plan and considered all the things that could go wrong, people not believing in you hurts. For me asking the questions above if you have not been part of my journey is rude and makes me feel like you don’t trust my decisions. Maybe it’s a personal thing.

Raising your voice to stand up for what you believe in is not always the easiest step to take, it gets even harder when it directly involves your own feelings. Towards some people there is not even a need to actually justify your new path, your new career or your new partner – they don’t need to know everything that has been going on in your life – nevertheless speaking up for yourself is necessary in some cases. It’s necessary when your boss asks why you are leaving, it’s necessary when a close friend is genuinely worried or if your partner takes a big role in your new planned future. Those are times when you have to take action:

” Don’t worry I have thought everything through over and over again for a long time”

“I don’t feel right going in the old direction anymore”

“right now change is what I need and I checked out all the possible ways I can do better”

above are classical phrases my friends have probably heard me say at least once in the time we have known each other. Furthermore you have to make sure that you can explain your situation a bit more detailed to make sure they get why you are requiring change, it’s not like you have to tell every situation which sucked – just paint them a picture. And remember not everyone will support you and not everyone will agree with you but that’s how life is. But knowing that you spoke up for yourself will make every day easier. You will know who supports you even when change is unavoidable and you will be sure who to talk to when you’re planning out another new direction in which your life is heading.


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winter survival tips

it’s cold, it’s snowy, public transport is always late. That’s winter.

In winter I always feel like I should be sleeping like hibernation, you know? But however humans don’t hibernate. Soooo I decided that well I have to stay awake and maybe should even actually take action to make winter less annoying. Here are some of my tips to survive the dark half of the year.

  • try to keep a routine!

even though it’s nearl dark all the time, you should stick a routine like getting up at a decent time and try to manage living. For me it’s getting uup around 8am, making breakfast, drinking juice etc.

  • vitamin d

since the sun is not shining as often as we and our bodies are used to, a lack of vitamin d can happen. A lack of that vitamin leads to feeling sleepy, worn out, your hair falls out and you can’t sleep well. Therefore I recommend getting some cool vitamin d pills at your local grocery store (at least where I live you can get them at some stores which are not the pharmacy).

  • absorb light

like plants we also need light. Using so called “SAD” (seasonal affective disorder) -lamps might be a great idea to wake your body up when it’s dark outside. I purchased this one on amazon and for me it works. I turn it on while eating breakfast and I noticed that my mood got much better.

  • self care

since winter is also exam season some of us struggle with feeling overwhelmed. Try to make time for self care and catching up with friends and family. Find some ideas on my older post about creating a self care day.

  • don’t isolate yourself!!

very important for getting through rough and cold times is to make the best out of them. Don’t spend all your time locked inside: instead take a walk and get some fresh air, meet friends at the cinema or go ice skating.


I would love to hear your ideas!


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☁️ how to deal with anxiety â˜ï¸

that feeling when you’re stressed out about everything happening at once: your roommate listening to music way too loud, there are three essays left to finish, your laundry is not done yet and suddenly an unknown number calls you: ANXIETY KICKS IN.

Recently I felt really squishy and overwhelmed and could not really find a way to get out of my uncomfortable mindset, so I created this list to help you (and me) to find new focus when we need some escape of our feelings and surroundings. Everyone deals with anxiety differently and it kicks in individual situations, this is how I experience to calm down after everything got a bit too much.

  • get comfortable!

grab some warm socks, a big blanket or a general heating source (this includes pets and humans too). If you are in public try to find a place to sit down at first.

  • focus on your breathing

try to have a calm and steady rhythm of breath. Breath in for about five seconds and breath out for three. Maybe try to sync your breathing to the gif sets I found online:

credit to: http://adamthegirl.tumblr.com/

  • comfort food and drinks!

For inner warmth and a general good feeling, staying hydrated and full is always a good idea. Classic comfort food can be for example Mac’n’Cheese, chocolate or Noodle Soup. Ideal comfort drinks are: lavender or chamomile tea and hot chocolate.

  • talk to somebody about your feelings

text a friend, call your partner or your mom or try to visit an online chatroom (here is an article on why it can help to chat online) which was quiet helpful when I needed reassurance that really everything is going to be okay.

  • distract yourself for a while

this can work either with watching your favourite movie or tv series, reading your favourite childhood book or drawing in mandala. For me playing some Animal Crossing always helps, others recommend listening to audiobooks.

  • don’t scratch or itch your skin

on tumblr I read that peel-off face masks can help to stop the urge from picking your skin which is a common coping mechanism to escape anxious thoughts. So maybe you should give it a try.

  • calm music

those lofi/hiphop beat mixes on YouTube always calm me down, there are many different one which for example include video game or movie melodies. While writing this I chose to listen to this radio.

Q: How do you cope with anxious feelings? Do you have any other tips and ideas?

*Disclaimer: I’m no professional and this are just my personal tips to calm down, but if you still don’t feel quiet alright or you feel like anxiety is taking over you should definitely seek out and get professional medical help.

Some information on Generalised Anxiety Disorder by the NHS: here

Check out this website by the Mental Health Foundation to get an overview of how to get support.


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bye 2018 and hello 2019

it’s a new year which means my blog is already turning one year old (yay). Generally speaking I really enjoy setting goals but this year for me won’t be much about achieving but more about figuring out the goals I really want to anticipate, whatever that means for now.

In 2018 a lot of cool events happened and well in this post I wanted to tell you about 18 things I enjoyed last year!!

  • meditating

i really enjoy checking in with how i’m feeling and actively noticing the world around me, using headspace i got into the habit but since I can’t afford a subscription I just do it by myself or with youtube videos at the moment

  • short trips to the beach with my boyfriend
  • campfire evenings with the gang   img_0172


  • writing this blog

after a year of writing a few posts every month i really came to enjoy expressing myself online and sharing my thoughts does not make me uncomfortable anymore

  • taking photos

still no photographer but well it’s fun.

  • levelling up my communication skills

talking helps a lot, i really noticed that in 2018.

  • painting on canvas
  • journaling
  • trying recipes off Pinterest

here a some of my favourites: Bruschetta Noodle Salat & Veggie Quesadillas

  • concerts
  • watching youtube videos

my favourite YouTubers last year definitely were Ally (i just love her??), neonfiona and Harmony , definitely check them out if you like self care and lgbtq stuff ✨

  • studio ghibli movies

always enjoying a calm evening watching spirited away or my neighbour totoro.

  • reading cute books

my favourites of last year were Radio Silence by Alice Oseman and The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Manson.

  • practising self care
  • reducing my plastic use

conscious shopping should just be more present on our minds since well the earth has about 13 years left before climate change hits. (find a post about my tips for you here)

  • using a planner
  • buying vinyls
  • doing yoga

yoga really fits into my routine and i really need to strengthen my back and shoulders which works pretty good with yoga, at the moment i practice at home but i’m planning on starting yoga classes this year (go me!!)

☁️ What did you enjoy most in 2018? ☁️

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☁️ stepping out of your comfort zone â˜ï¸

the fear of being made fun of or not taken seriously while acting on new opportunities or interest is omnipresent, here is how I overcame most of them.

recently my mind was wandering, thinking about all the things I wanted to do but I never did because I was afraid. I was afraid about what other people would think, I was afraid about being judged and I was afraid about being too weird. Considering that I have been called weird and strange after doing what I actually wanted to do a few times, it is hard for me to act on my visions.

Changing my hair colour?!

One of them was dying my hair. I once dyed my hair in eighth grade and got many comments on it (it was not the prettiest look but honestly rude comments have been unnecessary). So naturally I was afraid to be judged again even though I now desired a different colour, still have a completely different haircut and even do not look much like me in eighth grade anymore. It took some time and many supportive words of my boyfriend to make my vision come true. End of the story I got it dyed and I look good!!


That’s one thing I have achieved while putting myself first for once. Starting this blog was another step, I was afraid again that people from real life would throw mean comments at me or just start to backbite about what I was putting out in the world. Nevertheless I did start this blog and kept writing and it feels great. What even could go wrong? My writing skills are alright, I told myself and the thought processes before I upload anything anywhere will take place anyways (I overthink for like a year before I put any content out on the internet – well because it never forgets, right?). Also I only received nice words from people at uni and old friends, I am happy with my decision and stepping out of my comfort zone!!

A new project?!

Right now there have been other creative steps rushing through my brain. And again I have to battle my comfort zone and fear of being judged. If I am comfortable with sharing my new creative process you will find it here on my blog (hint: it has to do with using a camera).

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How To: Survive this heatwave

since it’s really unusually hot all over Europe and every person living at the top floor of a house can tell that we need some tips to not just melt into our beds everyday.

it’s also exam season at some universities that’s why many students are also struggling to study since the heat makes clear thinking unbearable, so here are some tricks on how to survive a very hot summer!

1. Cover your windows in the morning

a very important trick to ensure that the sun will not heaten up your home and keep a somehow decent temperature, but open them when the sun went down to get in some fresh air ✨

2. Stay Hydrated at all costs

dehydration is very dangerous and can cause heatstroke and other unpleasant stuff like sunstroke. So if you’re inside get yourself some fruit to put into your regular water to make staying hydrated less boring.

3. When outside…

…cover your scalp with a hat, a scarf or whatever to avoid getting dizzy or worse side effects of the weather

…put on sunscreen to prevent sunburn or skin cancer risk!!

…always carry something to drink with you and try to not walk in direct sunlight

4. Get a fan

If you are able to buy a fan, do it! You can put a box filled with ice cubes in front of it to achieve the effect of air conditioning! I tested it myself and it worked out pretty good

5. Make yourself some ice cream

one idea is to put a spoon into a box of yoghurt and put it in the freezer to create delicious yoghurt ice cream (probably children’s yoghurt is the best for this, in Germany we use “Fruchtzwerge” for this).

6. Take a shower

it’s just incredibly refreshing and helps to get your body to its’ normal temperature, don’t shower too cold though because that’s can cause circulatory disturbances (says my mom). for me I also love to use the Jelly Soap from Lush because you can put it in the fridge to cool it down!

7. Mix yourself a cooling spray

a cooling spray is amazing to just sprinkle some water on your face to help your body cool down and smell great! Just put some tap water in the fridge and add essential oils or some cold green tea ✨

Have you got any other tips and tricks? Put them in the comments to help each other survive the heatwave! 🔥

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How to: spend a day by yourself

finally you have a day off after stressing about work, uni or school. But what now?

each one of us knows this feeling. After being finally done with your work you do not seem to have any idea what to do but here are five ideas on spending time alone ✨

  1. Self Care!

If you have been reading my posts you will know how much i love and need what i call “self care”. Just reflect on your busy week, make yourself a drink you love and put on soothing music. If you have the time shower or take a bath (it will make you feel good, i promise!). Wanna know more about this? Check this out.

2. Grab a book!

Reading is always a good way to relax and leave reality behind for a bit. It’s comforting but for some a book just does not do it, so maybe check out recent blogposts or listen to your favourite podcast instead.

3. Video Games and YouTube

When you’re busy it’s hard to keep doing the things you love (for me it’s video games) that’s way a day off might give you the opportunity to do those. It’s also great to just sit down in bed and watch a few YouTube videos in peace. I don’t recommend watching scary videos on your own because you could get anxious! 😅

4. Cooking!

I love to scroll through Pinterest to find some amazing and easy recipes to try at home. Maybe also ask your grandparents for some delicious recipes. If you have some great ones you recommend put them in the comments below!

5. Declutter

Getting rid of old objects is hard but sometimes it’s necessary. We tend to keep small things like receipts, grocery lists, old business cards and pens which do not really work. Also clothes we are not comfortable in anymore or which do not feel “right”.

If you have any more ideas I would love to read about them in the comments. Also I would like to know if you might be interested in a blog series about my “forest adventures”? ✨

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keeping up with resolutions

goal setting, to-do lists, planners and journals – all of us keep chasing goals and ideas we want to achieve. Why? The answer is simple: Improvement. But on certain days we get overwhelmed and unmotivated which is not really special or rare. We all reflect on our progress and maybe even track it with lists and graphs.

My “New Years Resolutions” this year consist of reading more books, to not fall behind with uni work and keeping my workout routine. Well, I actually try to read more books for my pleasure and uni work is also not too heavy at the moment but i totally lost track of my workout routine (which is climbing once a week, not that gym stuff). And I try not to blame myself – that does not change the fact that resolutions and goals sometimes make us feel bad about ourselves. So I decided to tell all of you:

not achieving your goals is fine and you should take more time to tackle the challenge!

How do you keep working on your attitude towards your goals? And do you have any tricks on how to stay motivated?

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