☁️ easy ways to reduce your plastic use ☁️

since well the earth is literally dying you might be interested in creating less waste to reduce your single use of plastic.

As a student it’s not always easy to be neglecting plastic completely. The reasons for that are simple: not much income and spending most of the time at uni. But I decided to try to create less waste and be more conscious about the environment, here you can find a few reasons why.

Baby Steps

At the beginning one has to realize that choosing not to buy any single use plastic is a choice one actively has to make in many situations.

Grocery Shopping

When buying groceries keep an eye out for unnecessary plastic like not putting fruits, vegetables and other greens into a separate plastic bag because well most of them have pairing anyways, right? Also if there is the option to buy for example sauces, cheese, dairy or cereal in glass containers, always choose them. Glas is easily recycled.

Additionally bring your own bag! Personally I recommend cotton bags or nets which can contain all the groceries you need.

A Night Out

When going out you can reject plastic cutlery and straws which again takes conscious effort. If you still want to eat takeaway I would recommend the use of tupperware or any other non plastic storage for food.

Maybe also check if you can avoid to drink out of plastic cups and get glass cups for your drinks!

In the Bathroom

Instead of regular soap plastic bottles try to switch to a soap bar, a small step which can create great impact because first it’s funnier to try to catch it when it falls into the sink and there is obviously less plastic in your daily view (while sitting on the toilet).

Choosing Plastic Alternatives

Everybody loves to drink out of straws sometimes! One of my alternatives to plastic straws is a reusable metallic straw which I bought at a cute local zero waste shop (can’t wait to use it when I’m going out!!).

Bamboo toothbrushes are another amazing way to reduce your waste, if you want to know about my experience with them you can read my post about it here.

Surprisingly small changes like usage of a reusable bottle and coffee cup can also avoid an astonishing amount of waste! I got my reusable coffee container at Starbucks on Earth Day and the bottle at TJ Maxx (picture below).

sustainable options!

Every little step is a good way to try to create change and if you have questions about my steps presented here just let me know (you can write me a dm on instagram)!

Of course there are many other ways to reduce your general waste but getting rid of single use plastic is the first easy step towards conscious ecofriendly living!



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My first experience with a bamboo toothbrush

one of my goals of 2018 is to be more aware of the environment and to start using sustainable products! My first sustainable product is a bamboo toothbrush which I bought at a local sustainability event.

After I carried it home, I decided to take it with me to my camping trip and when i first used it i was surprised: it literally tastes like putting wood in your mouth?!? But the bristles were very soft and felt nice on my teeth.

close up of my bamboo brush

In general it is like a usual toothbrush and it works just fine. Also it looks much better and is much more ecofriendly than the usual plastic brushes, that is why i decided to list some information for you below:

Some facts about toothbrushes and waste:

  • 4.7 billion plastic toothbrushes are produced every year
  • usually a person uses up to six different toothbrushes a year
  • the plastic is not sustainable because it takes years to be dismantled
  • bamboo toothbrushes should be stored dry so they last longer
  • toothbrushes can be boiled and then be recycled for cleaning

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disclaimer: i am not associated with any of the companies mentioned and my opinions are solemnly my own.

source: http://www.ecoplanetbamboo.com/

toothbrush from: https://www.hydrophil.com/

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Everyday is Earth Day

this Sunday is the so-called “earth day” where various ngo’s and otheres want to drive our attention to our planet.

we seem to forget that earth is the only planet our species is able to live on.

everyone of us is responsible for our future.

Some Facts

  • climate change is real and natural but the increase in it is dangerous
  • water is a human right and in some countries (even the USA) not everyone has access to clean drinking water
  • the amount of CO2 in the air is damaging to us
  • the oceans are full of plastic
  • a lot of animal species are endangered (even giraffes)
  • the rainforest size is shrinking massively

“We have got one planet – one chance” – Tim Mcilrath

But now you will ask yourself: What can I do stop this?

  • First of all educate yourself! Read about environmental issues and what is causing the most damage (surprise it’s the meat industry).
  • Try to recycle and create less waste. It’s easy – take a bag to the grocery store instead of buying a plastic one (In the EU you have to pay for plastic bags in most countries).
  • Try to be aware of yourself and your habits, try to notice unnecessary plastic
  • Get involved in a local ngo which informs about environmental issues. If you are interested you can check out these NGOs:

Greenpeace – generally fighting for the environment and are involved in politics

Viva Con Agua – fighting to make drinking water available for everyone

  • check out your local organisations and try to shop more ecological ✨

My sources:

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