5 Things they don’t tell you about Uni

uni life is great don’t get me wrong but there are a lot of issues nobody ever talks about. Therefore here are 5 Things which are not talked about enough before you start your studies.

  1. Organisational Flaws

everyone tells you to be organised by yourself which is cool and quiet easy if you get used to it (find more on my older post). But that does not help you at all if your uni is unorganised and the professors themselves don’t even know what’s happening. Many curricular changes every now and then, too many students compared to seminars, etc.

2. Mess of information

In the beginning you will get overwhelmed with all the info you will get. A map of the campus? Fine. Ten Flyers for extra activities? Alright. Free Condoms? Cool! Another bag of sponsored trash? annoying….

3. So many E-Mails

In my first week I had to write at least three E-Mails to different people all concerning my timetable. Even during the semester you will have to write many of them for presentations, assignments and organisation issues. So be prepared to actually use your E-Mail App for the first time regularly.

4. Unwritten Rules

Also every Uni apparently has some secret rules everyone seems to know about but you. For examples writing mails to an English professor in your native language (I study English as my second language btw)? A No-Go 🙅‍♀️ And there will be many more which you will notice during your time on campus.

5. The Library

A magical place which stores all the info you need and even has work spaces! Amazing! But some students tend to somehow ‘live’ there when exam season starts, which will make it hard to find a study spot. There will also be guided tours which you should definitely attend if you have the possibility!

To conclude: No Uni is perfect and you will have to struggle sometimes no matter how organised you are but in the end if you have found the right subject everything will be worth it ✨

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