My Autumn Favourites!

1. Hilda on Netflix

An incredible and super cute show about a little girl living in the wilderness and meeting weird creatures. The artstyle is also amazing and I just love it, 100% recommended!!

2. Tea!

Who doesn’t love a hot cup of tea once in a while? My favourite sort of teas are herbal ones that’s why i love chamomile tea but in autumn I as well enjoy a tea called “Turkish apple”!!

3. Trench by Twenty One Pilots

The new Twenty One Pilots album really hit home with me, I enjoy the beats, the poetic lyrics and the artstyle as well. Additionally it’s not as emo as their old albums which resonates with me because well I grew up??

4. Halloween Decor

The picture says it all honestly!! I got this fairy lights at a store called “action”.

5. The “headspace” app

After a very stressful day I like to calm down while meditating and feel my body relax after carrying my backpack to uni and back. If you want to know more about it, you can check out my review here.

What do you enjoy this October and do you participate in any challenges like Inktober or Blogtober? 👻

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☁️💀 Too much inspiration? ðŸ’€â˜ï¸

The urge to create can appear out of nowhere and in the last weeks it just blew me away like a north sea storm.

Imagine this: you get up in the morning, still feeling dizzy from the dream you just had. Your eyes feel heavy but you know this day is going to be alright. Getting up you stretch and your mouth is dry, so you make yourself some tea and suddenly you feel the urge to be creative!

This happened to me literally everyday in the last weeks (which is amazing!). So much creative energy which needs to be processed and turned into something… into something..! But what should I create? Why should I create? How should I create?

So I’m sitting here wondering whether i would love to write a ton of blogposts, start a novel, try digital art, do youtube videos or get back into photography??!!??!! Maybe taking baby steps is the answer, that’s why I’m writing this post. Maybe just doing all of it might be the solution. Maybe doing nothing is.

☁️ easy ways to reduce your plastic use â˜ï¸

since well the earth is literally dying you might be interested in creating less waste to reduce your single use of plastic.

As a student it’s not always easy to be neglecting plastic completely. The reasons for that are simple: not much income and spending most of the time at uni. But I decided to try to create less waste and be more conscious about the environment, here you can find a few reasons why.

Baby Steps

At the beginning one has to realize that choosing not to buy any single use plastic is a choice one actively has to make in many situations.

Grocery Shopping

When buying groceries keep an eye out for unnecessary plastic like not putting fruits, vegetables and other greens into a separate plastic bag because well most of them have pairing anyways, right? Also if there is the option to buy for example sauces, cheese, dairy or cereal in glass containers, always choose them. Glas is easily recycled.

Additionally bring your own bag! Personally I recommend cotton bags or nets which can contain all the groceries you need.

A Night Out

When going out you can reject plastic cutlery and straws which again takes conscious effort. If you still want to eat takeaway I would recommend the use of tupperware or any other non plastic storage for food.

Maybe also check if you can avoid to drink out of plastic cups and get glass cups for your drinks!

In the Bathroom

Instead of regular soap plastic bottles try to switch to a soap bar, a small step which can create great impact because first it’s funnier to try to catch it when it falls into the sink and there is obviously less plastic in your daily view (while sitting on the toilet).

Choosing Plastic Alternatives

Everybody loves to drink out of straws sometimes! One of my alternatives to plastic straws is a reusable metallic straw which I bought at a cute local zero waste shop (can’t wait to use it when I’m going out!!).

Bamboo toothbrushes are another amazing way to reduce your waste, if you want to know about my experience with them you can read my post about it here.

Surprisingly small changes like usage of a reusable bottle and coffee cup can also avoid an astonishing amount of waste! I got my reusable coffee container at Starbucks on Earth Day and the bottle at TJ Maxx (picture below).

sustainable options!

Every little step is a good way to try to create change and if you have questions about my steps presented here just let me know (you can write me a dm on instagram)!

Of course there are many other ways to reduce your general waste but getting rid of single use plastic is the first easy step towards conscious ecofriendly living!



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* Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned and all opinions are my own!*

☁️ stepping out of your comfort zone â˜ï¸

the fear of being made fun of or not taken seriously while acting on new opportunities or interest is omnipresent, here is how I overcame most of them.

recently my mind was wandering, thinking about all the things I wanted to do but I never did because I was afraid. I was afraid about what other people would think, I was afraid about being judged and I was afraid about being too weird. Considering that I have been called weird and strange after doing what I actually wanted to do a few times, it is hard for me to act on my visions.

Changing my hair colour?!

One of them was dying my hair. I once dyed my hair in eighth grade and got many comments on it (it was not the prettiest look but honestly rude comments have been unnecessary). So naturally I was afraid to be judged again even though I now desired a different colour, still have a completely different haircut and even do not look much like me in eighth grade anymore. It took some time and many supportive words of my boyfriend to make my vision come true. End of the story I got it dyed and I look good!!


That’s one thing I have achieved while putting myself first for once. Starting this blog was another step, I was afraid again that people from real life would throw mean comments at me or just start to backbite about what I was putting out in the world. Nevertheless I did start this blog and kept writing and it feels great. What even could go wrong? My writing skills are alright, I told myself and the thought processes before I upload anything anywhere will take place anyways (I overthink for like a year before I put any content out on the internet – well because it never forgets, right?). Also I only received nice words from people at uni and old friends, I am happy with my decision and stepping out of my comfort zone!!

A new project?!

Right now there have been other creative steps rushing through my brain. And again I have to battle my comfort zone and fear of being judged. If I am comfortable with sharing my new creative process you will find it here on my blog (hint: it has to do with using a camera).

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Testing the Headspace App for a week

Mindfulness and Meditation is one of the latest trends all around the world and I decided to give it a try using an App called Headspace!

Being interested in meditation for quiet a few time made it easy for me to get into the right mindset. I’ve tried other Apps and methods concerning mindfulness before, that is why I now chose to use Headspace. Mindfulness is being aware of what is happening in the moment and giving your thoughts a rest. By using breathing techniques and other methods one can practise to have a time during the day to stop focussing on stress situations, general problems or just life.

First Impression

First the App looks very cute with cartoon graphics and an orange colour scheme. At the Beginning they ask if there is already experience with mediation and why you want to try it. I chose to click that I had “a little” experience and just wanted to try it out. My timer for the length of my sessions was set at 10 minutes.

Starting the Basic Sessions

Day 1

Starting to find a comfortable position with a straight back and watching a cute animation about the purpose of mediation. The voice which guides the session sounds male and appealing.

Day 2

It begins with a reference to the first session and keeps focussing on breathing techniques and slowly introduces the bodyscan which is focussing on how the body is feeling in the exact moment. Additionally the male voice is assuring and motivates you to keep on practicing.

Day 3

Another cute animation showing how to stay focused during the sessions. Getting deeper into the bodyscan and I honestly felt relaxed after the session.

Day 4

Sadly I was not able to concentrate a lot on this session because my environment was loud and busy (but of course I tried my best). This session also talks about how to notice the changes happening around oneself.

Day 5

I was feeling very calm and focussed after this session of meditation. Loved that the guiding voice was talking less and left me alone while i was practicing of not keeping focus on everything happening in my brain at once.

Day 6

This time I tried to lay in bed while meditating. It was refreshing and the guiding voice this time helped to give myself even more space. The topic was focussing on being aware of what is happening in the body and how one is emotionally feeling.

Day 7

The last day has arrived!! My last session started with another cute and helpful animation which gives advice on how to watch your thoughts from afar. After that the guiding voice focusses on a few aspects of the animation which is cool because it makes it even easier to visualise.


After a week of almost daily meditation the impact on myself is at least a bit noticeable. The few minutes of the day just focussing on nothing almost felt great and I would absolutely recommend the Headspace App because of its’ beginner lessons and cute animations (I loved them!!).

Get the App in your App Store (if you want to). Check out their website here 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏽‍♂️

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the Headspace App or any of its’ creators etc. All opinions stated are my own.

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Meet the Blogger!

since my blog is now half a year old I decided to write a post solely about myself for the first time.

this is me (hello)

1. Name

My name is Freddy (kind of)

2. Zodiac sign

Cancer sun, Libra Moon and Pisces Rising

3. 3 fears

large swarms of mosquitos, death and the zombie apocalypse

4. 3 things I love

autumn, holding hands and camping

5. Last song I listened to

(Re-education) through labour by Rise Against

6. How many tattoos/piercings do I have

none yet, except three earings in each ear

7. The reason I started blogging

To express myself in a creative way and to improve and make use of my English skills.

8. How I feel right now

I’m feeling very well and exhausted because it was unusually hot here today

9. Something I really really want

an environmental revolution with trees growing everywhere, no plastic in the seas, cute cats and good grades in my exams. also equality and world peace if we’re already at it.

10. My current relationship status

I am taken by the best guy I have ever met (lucky me!)

11. Meaning behind my URL

i love the ocean and i think it’s sick (dude)

12. My favorite movies

the lord of the rings trilogy, the hobbit trilogy, back to the future, my neighbour totoro, spirited away and endlessly more.

13. My favourite bands

Rise Against (since I was 14 years old, I just love them and know every song by heart) and a German band called Die Toten Hosen (since I was born or something). I also adore Jaya The Cat, Depeche Mode, Ghost and sooooo many more….

14. 3 Things that upset me

reading the news, when people do not care about the environment and sexism.

15. 3 Things that make me happy

lazy weekends, masses of my favourite tea and achieving a goal

16. My favourite holiday

Samhain I guess.

17. A confession

I’m not into clubbing.

18. 3 Things that annoy me easily

People who walk slowly, when somebody won’t accept a “no” and social media.

19. My favorite animal

all of them honestly, they are great.

20. My pets

i have none (sadly).

21. One thing I’ve lied about

I said i missed my underground but I really just did not want to come.

22. Something that’s currently worrying me

my exams and if I passed all of them.

23. An embarrassing moment

when the lead singer of Rise Against waved at me and I tripped very hard instead of reacting.

24. Something that’s constantly on my mind

my boyfriend and i’m trying to remind me not to worry too much and be more focussed on the moment I’m in.

25. 3 Habits I have

Sunday is self care day where i do face masks and things I enjoy, scratching my face when I’m anxious and writing too many to-do lists

26. My future goals

Graduate university and get a job as a teacher, moving to the countryside and owning a cat.

27. Something I fantasize about

how my future living space will look like and what furniture and decorations should be in it.

28. My favorite store

Lush i guess even though it’s very expensive and I rarely go there.

29. My favourite food

Pizza and Cous Cous

30. What I did yesterday

Breakfast with my boyfriend, then prepared Cous Cous salad. After that we watched Pokémon and went to a BBQ at a friend’s house. It was a great day.

31. My celebrity crush(es)

Tim McIlrath, Keanu Reeves, somehow Miley Cyrus and Sebastian Stan i guess.

32. One word that describes me


33. My favorite quote

“Real revolution starts with learning. If you’re not angry you’re not paying attention” – Tim Mcilrath

I found this tag online and personalised it a bit. So if you would love to write your own post about meeting the blogger, feel free to be tagged ✨

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How To: Survive this heatwave

since it’s really unusually hot all over Europe and every person living at the top floor of a house can tell that we need some tips to not just melt into our beds everyday.

it’s also exam season at some universities that’s why many students are also struggling to study since the heat makes clear thinking unbearable, so here are some tricks on how to survive a very hot summer!

1. Cover your windows in the morning

a very important trick to ensure that the sun will not heaten up your home and keep a somehow decent temperature, but open them when the sun went down to get in some fresh air ✨

2. Stay Hydrated at all costs

dehydration is very dangerous and can cause heatstroke and other unpleasant stuff like sunstroke. So if you’re inside get yourself some fruit to put into your regular water to make staying hydrated less boring.

3. When outside…

…cover your scalp with a hat, a scarf or whatever to avoid getting dizzy or worse side effects of the weather

…put on sunscreen to prevent sunburn or skin cancer risk!!

…always carry something to drink with you and try to not walk in direct sunlight

4. Get a fan

If you are able to buy a fan, do it! You can put a box filled with ice cubes in front of it to achieve the effect of air conditioning! I tested it myself and it worked out pretty good

5. Make yourself some ice cream

one idea is to put a spoon into a box of yoghurt and put it in the freezer to create delicious yoghurt ice cream (probably children’s yoghurt is the best for this, in Germany we use “Fruchtzwerge” for this).

6. Take a shower

it’s just incredibly refreshing and helps to get your body to its’ normal temperature, don’t shower too cold though because that’s can cause circulatory disturbances (says my mom). for me I also love to use the Jelly Soap from Lush because you can put it in the fridge to cool it down!

7. Mix yourself a cooling spray

a cooling spray is amazing to just sprinkle some water on your face to help your body cool down and smell great! Just put some tap water in the fridge and add essential oils or some cold green tea ✨

Have you got any other tips and tricks? Put them in the comments to help each other survive the heatwave! 🔥

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Goodbye Teenage Years!

the sweet event of saying “goodbye” to my teenage years has arrived! I just turned 20 which is weird but I’m not really sad to let go of the strange years of puberty and so many uncountable changes.

remembering exactly the time i turned thirteen i was terrified. Becoming a teenager meant for me to fall in love, go to parties, finding the friends of your life and probably stuff like using make-up and a  l o t  of school work. Reflecting I can say that yes I fell in love for real, went to a few parties, kept the friends I already had when I was thirteen and met a new group of people who I can call my second family by now. Honestly the make-up thing just clicked like this new year’s eve and school was not even that hard. So maybe I was just a bit overreacting.

Today, as a twenty year old individual (lmao), I see that many people and interests stay consistent. If people want to stay with you, they will. Regarding interests they might change over time but there are a few cool facts which my thirteen-year-old-self would love to hear: you will still love Pokemon and Green Day when you’re twenty and you will also still love to write and watch YouTube videos. Actually your oldest female friend is still with you and you are also still into Studio Ghibli, as well as Star Wars and that kind of stuff. So don’t panic. Calm down. It’s fine.

Maybe I should also tell my twenty-year-old-self a few uplifting words: you won’t change as much as you think you will and you probably have already found the people who will stay in your life. So don’t worry and don’t even start to overthink every decision.

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My first experience with a bamboo toothbrush

one of my goals of 2018 is to be more aware of the environment and to start using sustainable products! My first sustainable product is a bamboo toothbrush which I bought at a local sustainability event.

After I carried it home, I decided to take it with me to my camping trip and when i first used it i was surprised: it literally tastes like putting wood in your mouth?!? But the bristles were very soft and felt nice on my teeth.

close up of my bamboo brush

In general it is like a usual toothbrush and it works just fine. Also it looks much better and is much more ecofriendly than the usual plastic brushes, that is why i decided to list some information for you below:

Some facts about toothbrushes and waste:

  • 4.7 billion plastic toothbrushes are produced every year
  • usually a person uses up to six different toothbrushes a year
  • the plastic is not sustainable because it takes years to be dismantled
  • bamboo toothbrushes should be stored dry so they last longer
  • toothbrushes can be boiled and then be recycled for cleaning

If you want to keep up with my journey and my blog check out my instagram and if you have any product recommendations write them in the comments below ✨

disclaimer: i am not associated with any of the companies mentioned and my opinions are solemnly my own.


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How to: spend a day by yourself

finally you have a day off after stressing about work, uni or school. But what now?

each one of us knows this feeling. After being finally done with your work you do not seem to have any idea what to do but here are five ideas on spending time alone ✨

  1. Self Care!

If you have been reading my posts you will know how much i love and need what i call “self care”. Just reflect on your busy week, make yourself a drink you love and put on soothing music. If you have the time shower or take a bath (it will make you feel good, i promise!). Wanna know more about this? Check this out.

2. Grab a book!

Reading is always a good way to relax and leave reality behind for a bit. It’s comforting but for some a book just does not do it, so maybe check out recent blogposts or listen to your favourite podcast instead.

3. Video Games and YouTube

When you’re busy it’s hard to keep doing the things you love (for me it’s video games) that’s way a day off might give you the opportunity to do those. It’s also great to just sit down in bed and watch a few YouTube videos in peace. I don’t recommend watching scary videos on your own because you could get anxious! 😅

4. Cooking!

I love to scroll through Pinterest to find some amazing and easy recipes to try at home. Maybe also ask your grandparents for some delicious recipes. If you have some great ones you recommend put them in the comments below!

5. Declutter

Getting rid of old objects is hard but sometimes it’s necessary. We tend to keep small things like receipts, grocery lists, old business cards and pens which do not really work. Also clothes we are not comfortable in anymore or which do not feel “right”.

If you have any more ideas I would love to read about them in the comments. Also I would like to know if you might be interested in a blog series about my “forest adventures”? ✨

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